Your posture

Your posture

Posture is important. The postures mentioned below are not yoga postures. But we should follow these in our normal life to keep fit. We should be cautious that we maintain this.

Your posture is very important to keep up the health of your spine. Always be mindful that you do not study, or sit in the wrong postures for long in front of your TV, Computer, Mobile Screens, etc. which can be uneasy and harmful in the short and long run.

Image Courtesy : Brooklyn Reflexology

Correct Sitting Posture at Computer. Flat Design Style. Vector illustration

Try to follow a scientific posture, which will help you be healthy, fit, and fine to continue your pursuits well.

good posture

Image Courtesy: Harvard Health Publishing ( Harvard Medical School)

Even after good posture, you need to have a break after a gap of 20-30 minutes and/or whenever you feel necessary. You should also limber up and bend yourself backward from head to lumbar in the same 20-30 minutes interval (whenever felt necessary) and these should be very light. Because you are doing these without any warm-ups! Get up from your chair from time to time (e.g. twice in an hour) and walk whatever space is available there.

Yoga and Modern Medical Science!

Yoga and Modern Medical Science are not of same views always.

Many a time, they are of different views and opinions when it comes to healing a particular health problem!

Easy Bow

With increasing age, we can practice Easy Bow. It will relax your joints.

Photo by Yan on

Instead of the perfect Lotus Pose ( Padmasan) one shoud practice the easier version!


Easy Padmasana

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Recover from Incurable Diseases!

We can recover from incurable diseases by practicing Yoga! Sometimes modern medicines may fail to heal us. But we can give it a ‘try’ to Yoga practices. It can save us time, money and harassment.

But we must have proper faith and confidence in Yoga practices and follow the right practices!

Yoga is also helpful in curing mental diseases, stress, strains and tensions most effectively. It is proved already!

Best sellers !

Hyper-Acidity Produces Dangerous Symptoms!

Hyper-Acidity Produces Dangerous Symptoms!

Hyper-Acidity is very common today! Our food habits have changed a lot due to the intake of so many fast foods available in the market! Our life is becoming complex and faster.

In hyper-acidity, one can face symptoms like Blood Pressure and Heart problems!

So be aware of this while you practice yoga.  Don’t take oily, fried, and over-fried food, at least quite often. We are habituated to a fast lifestyle when we outsource our food from restaurants. It may be through home delivery as well. We do also take packaged food which is highly processed known as fast food. We must be aware that all these lead to bad health and for the yogis, it will be better to avoid these as much as possible! 

Some yoga poses like Mayurasana(Peacock Pose) are unique in fighting this. Bow Pose is also good at tackling this.

There are some “to-do”s to control this!

Your diet is also important here. You should take a balanced diet. Take the diet timely and suitably.

We should not take too much Carbohydrate. These carb foods come from cereals.

The problem is that we buy these from the market where they are mostly highly processed and polished. We know that polished rice is not so good for health. For example, polished rice from rice mills is over-polished. The rice we get from hulling with a seesaw retains the red outer layer which is full of high-quality protein and minerals.



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Easiest Poses Against Neck and Back Pain !

Neck and Back Pain is a very painful and troublesome disease today. We are lazy than ever before! We are almost always sitting with electronic devices and gadgets. So we need to do some yoga to fight all those problems and stay hale and hearty!

The full-blown Backbend yoga poses might be difficult, particularly for the aged. In that case, I would suggest practicing easy backend poses, especially after being inflicted.

Here are some poses which might be of great help to us:

  1. Head Raising Pose(Bhujangasana/Cobra Pose): We can not always practice the full-blown pose of this yoga practice. So we can practice easier poses. For example, we can look at this one!
Parshwa Dhanurasana

It is Parshwa Dhanurasana where ‘Parshwa’ means ‘side’ or ‘lateral’. One can practice with one leg, only pulling one leg while keeping the other leg regular and relaxed.

You just can change the sides and follow again.

2. This one is a great example of how we can practice one pose in a modified and comfortable manner while getting all the benefits rather better than we get out of a full-fledged one, especially for the aged ones!


How to do Fish Pose for beginners plus modifications, tip & tricks
Essy Version of Fish Pose

This modified easy fish pose can help us get good relief from neck and back pain.

3. Modified Shalvasan: Full-fledged Shalvasana is good, but might be difficult for many of us. But this easy pose may be quite enjoyable!

Easy Shalvasana(Locust Pose)

Moreover, Full-fledged Shalvasana(Locust Pose) can be restricted for heart patients.

4. Easy Bow Pose: It is suitable for many of us, the aged and the beginner.

Easy Bow Pose

This can be very enjoyable and can be fun as well, especially for those who are undergoing problems.

5. Sometimes the full-fledged is not the best. Just see:

Here this practitioner has just maintained a good spine posture which is comfortable and scientific for relieving neck and bank pain!

There are some more! Please stay connected.

Ashtanga Yoga!

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a form of yoga popularized by K. Pattabhi Jois during the 20th century, promoted as a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga. He claimed to have learnt the system from his teacher, Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. The style is energetic, synchronizing breath with movements. The individual poses (asanas) are linked by flowing movements (vinyasas).

Jois established his Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in 1948. The current style of teaching is called the Mysore style after the city, India where the practice was originally taught. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga has given rise to various spinoff styles of Power Yoga.

Woman in Black Tank Top Sitting Beside Man in Black Shirt

Ashtanga Yoga comprises the following. Ashtanga means ashta (eight) and anga(limbs). That means eight limbs yoga. Here ‘limb’ means part. The eight limbs are as follows:-

  1. Yamas (Behavioural must-practice observances – things you should do/to be done
  2. Niyamas (Behavioural restraints obligations, rules and regulations– things you should not do
  3. Asana (Yoga poses / postures)
  4. Pranayama (Breathing exercise techniques to control life force energy)
  5. Pratyahara (Withdrawal of the senses, i.e., self-control)
  6. Dharana (Concentration)
  7. Dhyana (Meditation)
  8. Samadhi (Transendance)
Man in Black Crew Neck T-shirt

Ashtanga yoga can be practiced by the ones who are ashram-dwellers(monastery dwellers) following total spiritual life renouncing the world! That does not mean that no family man or anyone living in a family can not practice it. You are free to follow if you are capable of doing so.

Control Your Anger as a Yogi!

As Yoga practitioners, we must control our anger! This is important. Anger is at the root of so many evils. It is one major enemy (Ripu) of us.

In practical life, this anger can destroy all your plans in a fraction of a second when we lose ‘temper’. It is a great physical evil as well because it can lead you to sickness and heart attack if the person(s) are aged, weak, and having heart problems!

Free stock photo of active, active life style, adult
Rodnae Production

As a yoga follower one can control anger easily. We must be alert that anger can hurt our personal and social situation to a considerable extent.

Anger does also affect the relationship of a person with his own family members, friends, and relatives. It can put us in problematic situations from where it might be rather impossible to free ourselves!

Intelligent and rational individuals do not lose their temper. They rationalize and tackle situations with perfect control over their temperament.

With yoga your capability to control anger is inherent!

So let us be cool and composed always!




Easiest Warm-Up Exercises before yoga!

You need the easiest warm-up exercises in order to boost your blood circulation and loosen your muscles ! Many times, we jump to full-scale session and in this way give an unpleasant ‘jerk’ to our physical system. The following easy-to-do limbering practices will help you get ready.

i) Lie straight on your back on a flat, even surface or yoga mat which should be not too hard not too soft/bumpy.

ii) Fold your left leg and draw your knee near to chest, can hold the knee to chest for a few seconds or up to for 10-15 seconds.

Full body of concentrated plump African American female warming up on blurred background of gym

iii) Do this for the right leg

iv) Repeat this once again at least. Can be extended up to four rounds.

v) You can practice leg raising with each leg alternately for several rounds and extend up to both legs at a time

vi) You can move your legs in a bicycle pedaling manner while still laying upward straight on your back.

vii) You can now turn round to your front and raise your bend ankles after folding your knees.

Person Raising Her Hands

viii) Now yo can raise your chest taking support of your hands on both sides while/with inhaling.

ix) Your can also follow free hand exercises for warming up to your main session. But keep in mind to lie down to take rest then before beginning the main session consisting of enhanced bends and arches.

x) Before you go for any full-scale bendings and stretches, do these in milder forms, to be more alert and careful and to avoid possible hurts to yourself.

xi) Pawanmuktasan poses can also act as a part of a warm-up session. But, in such case, Pawanmuktasana poses should be used, not as yoga poses, but as freehand warmup exercise!


Today I Practice over a Six-Month Gap!

Today I Practice over a Six-Month Gap!

Today I practiced after more than six months at a stretch ! But I could practice yoga, cautiously, with less bends and stretches and felt uniquely awesome just !

For some unavoidable circumstances I could not follow yoga practices, although I maintained postures while doing sedentary works on regular basis.

I have no problems, but I remained careful about hurting my muscles and bones which have not received regular way of practices.

But I remained confident that my memory cells won’t betray my lack of practice !

Yoga is actually a skill like all other games and sports and can be resumed, with a bit of care and caution and back in shape again.

By saying so I am not playing down the credits and advantages of regularities. But we have certain times in life when nothing works.

But Yoga will be on our side all through and may appear before us as blessings of God !


Yoga is Mystical and Magical Always for All!

Yoga is Mystical, Magical Always for All !

Yes, Yoga is so for all ! Just practice Yoga and you will find this to your utter surprise and astonishment !

Yoga has simple and immense effects and power to cure all our diseases in a single go !

Just practice it and find and feel its magics and mysticisms !

The Yogis in the Himalayas are all in this category !

woman in black jacket standing on green grass field near snow covered mountains during daytime

We don’t know whether we come in this category or not, but yogic power is such amazing aspect or thing that we can not just think of !

Yoga Mudras are Highly Effective!

Yoga Mudras are Highly Effective !

Yoga mudras are highly beneficial for the granthis (glands). The glands are powerful organs which control our body.

Chakra, Energy Centres, Body, Center, Yoga

Chakra Energy Centres Body

Mudras have long term effects as they secrets hormones (as per modern science). According to yogic theories the Mudras have effects on arousing the chakras.

Chakras, Body, Yoga, Energy Points, Energy Centers

Chakras Body Yoga Energy

We have to conceptualize the chakras, concentrate on them and take action.

Mudras are very powerful. Breath control and meditation is used to activate the chakras. There is spiritual dimension associated with the chakras.

The Students can Benefit a Lot from Yoga!

The students can benefit a lot from yoga. They have to study for long hours. So they need to practice backward bending yoga postures after some warmup exercises.

boy in gray crew neck t-shirt reading book

Yoga also helps in enhancing attention. Apart from this yoga also helps manage stress and strain to a great extent. It is also great in preventing and relieving neck and back pains.


men sitting in front of their laptop computer

Take a Few Steps and Practice Yoga!

Continue reading “Take a Few Steps and Practice Yoga!”

Build Strong Willpower with this Pranayama !

Build Strong Willpower with this Pranayama !

Yes we have one such pranayama in our list which is just wonderful ! This is such a pranayama that will make you completely relaxed and confident. This is particularly useful when your sleep is not complete and/or when you can not sleep owing to stress and tension.  Because at the end of this pranayama you will automatically sleep for a minute or so. But you will feel that you have slept for a sufficient period of time ! After that if you need to sleep you can do so as per your requirement.

Yoga woman gray_shavasana

The most magical aspect of this pranayama is that after every spell you will sleep and wake up and feel your breathings have kind of ceased, that is to say that your not inhaling and exhaling. Complete retention of breath for some time. After some time when such condition ends, you will ‘start’ breathing normally, although quite slow and cool that will be.

Yo just look at the mirror to find your eyes and face filled with rest, happiness and bliss, perhaps with a touch of smile ! This is sheer magic !

How To Practice :

Lie down in a supine position, after completing a short session of warm-up exercises.

You can practice this at the end of all exercises. At the end of all exercises take rest so that your breathing become normal and muscles relaxed, just as they are before you sleep.

Yo can also practice when you are not in a work-out. But lie down relaxed for 3-5 minutes.

After you lie down in a supine position, keep your hands on the abdomen, just over your navel or pancreas gland !

Now inhale with both nostrils. After inhalation is complete, exhale slowly with both the nostrils, just a bit longer time.

Think while Inhaling: The vital energy stored in the air is entering into my body and is being stored in the Pancreas Gland ( Surya Gronthi )

Think while Exhaling: The vital energy stored in the Pancreas Gland is being spread through the entire body, to every gland, nerve, vein, arteries making them lively and removing all the obnoxious things and disease organisms from my body.

Pranayams are Very Helpful to Fight Stress Strain !

Pranayams are Very Helpful to Fight Stress Strain !

Pranayams are highly helpful when it comes to fighting off Stress and Strains raging our life specially during COVID-19 !

Here are some tips to control your anxieties-related stress and stain :

  • Watch your pattern of breaths you are in this situation.
  • When you watch your breathing pattern, it will automatically calm down to normal gradually. It is like a teacher controlling an unruly student. When the student is watched closely he will control himself naturally !

Hustle And Bustle, Woman, Face, Arrows, Stress

  • In any situation try to control your breathings with easy pranayam-like exercises. Inhale longer with your nostrils, exhale longer. You can hold your breath for some time also if you feel comfortable ! You will feel strains going down rapidly.
  • Change your thought patterns. Try to communicate with a family member/friend(s)/ anyone you can contact or talk with !

Stay Fit n Confident with Easy Pranayams!

Stay Fit n Confident with Easy Pranayamas!

It is easy to stay confident with the easy pranayamas! Because you know that easy pranayamas are very easy, handy, but very powerful ways to keep ourselves Healthy and Strong!

Easy pranayamas benefit our Lungs and Heart instantly leaving us stress-free and relaxed. Our moods become lightened and refreshed readily. We feel as if our stresses have vanished within a couple of minutes!

Meditate, Relax, Relaxing, Calm, Rest, Relaxation

It does also benefit our brains just immediately as you will feel your temperament enlivened immediately.

These pranayamas, therefore, can affect our thought process also as our brains get oxygenated and negative thoughts are gone as we feel!

So our confidence is enhanced with these pranayamas. With this, our whole body get refreshed as more oxygen is added to our blood making it lighter.

We know our breaths get shortened, particularly when we become worried and tensed. But with these easy pranayamas, we can lengthen the span of inhalations and exhalations and retention of air in our lungs. So lungs capacity is enhanced and the heart has to pump less. So there is a relief in the heartbeats as well.

Spiritualism, Awakening, Meditation, Yogi, Aura

This is most specifically the reason we feel Cool, Relaxed, Fit, and Confident with pranayamas. They just work as Mood elevators!

So practice easy pranayamas as these are the easiest and take the least time to practice! Just a few warm-up exercises you do before.

Statutory Warning : This does not necessarily mean that we will not have to obey COVID-19 guidelines !


How to Practice Easy Pranayams ( Breathing exercises)!

How to Practice Easy Pranayams ( Breathing exercises):

Practice pranayams to enhance your lungs capacity, to add more oxygen to your blood, to refresh your whole body, all organs. It particularly benefits the Lung and Heart. Heart benefit directly because the heart is very near to the Lungs. Pranayams clean your body, refreshing your body and mind instantly and with long-term effects!

For doing pranayams you need to limber up/warm up your limbs a little so that your body is ready for the activity. Otherwise, our body can get injuries and we don’t feel well to start!

Yoga, Buddhism, Prayer, Pray, Prayers, Temple, Think

Easy Pranyams include only Inhalation (Purak) and Exhalation(Rechak). No Retention of the breadth (Kumbhak).

Man in Red Long Sleeve Shirt Carrying Baby in Red Long Sleeve Shirt

Easy pranayams are suitable for all common people like us, who are not ascetics.



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Yoga to Fight COVID-19

Yoga to Fight COVID-19

Let’s Fight Covid-19 together with some common “to-follow’s” which will make us highly capable to Fight off the Dreaded Demon!

Here are the Tips which you can give a Second Thought to !
  • Eat Well ! Avoid fast foods, eat abundant vegetables, fruits, meat etc. Don’t smoke. Follow ‘healthy food’ principles.
  • Sleep Well ! Lack of sufficient sleep and deep sleep without worries is basic to good health.
  • Be Tension-free. Enjoy and Relax with friends and family members maintaining Corona guidelines
  • Don’t Panic ! Over panicking leads to mental and physical weakness and lesser immunity. This is applicable for every disease. So don’t panic.
  • Obey the Thumb Rules : Wear Masks, Follow 8 ft. distance and so on as advised by medical and civic guidelines.
  • Do some exercises. It may be yoga, walking etc.
  • Do pranayams to supply oxygen to your Lungs and Blood. Easy pranayams means a lot for heart and lungs.
    Walk in indoor spaces :

    Walk in  indoor spaces when you can not go outdoors ! Find some spaces in or around your house. You need not always walk rapidly. Let us walk even slowly and comfortably oft and on, when we are off from the computers, studies etc. Not that we have to walk at a stretch. You walk when you get time for a minute or so. You need not warm up, because you are not walking at a speed.

  • Have some activities everyday. At least engage in some domestic work to remain active.
  • Do pranayams while walking (Bhraman Pranayam). But you inhale with four steps and exhale with the next six steps. That will be better. This helps our lungs get more axygen.
  • Be Responsible socially. Wear masks, follow Corona guidelines keeping in mind your aged and young family members ! Because all age categories can be potential carriers.

Wearing Mask is the major mantra to Fight COVID-19.

Positive Attitude: With positive attitude we can fight the pandemic together as a responsible member of the society following health norms.

Mother Putting a Face Mask on her Daughter

Along with these, practice yoga. Pranayam is also a part of yoga!

Yoga has given a lot of confidence to the yoga practitioners during Covid-19. It is quite natural as yoga helps increase immunity!


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Pranayams (Breathing Exercises) supply oxygen to Blood….

Pranayams (Breathing Exercises) supply oxygen to Blood….

Pranayams (Breathing Exercises) supply Oxygen to Lungs, heart and Blood very easily. Easy pranayams are the better options for us all.

woman in green v neck sweater


Portrait shot of the young man doing pranayama or pranayam or breath control yoga on a colorful mat with wearing black attire. Portrait shot of the young man doing pranayama or pranayam or breath control yoga on a colorful mat with wearing black attire. Adult Stock Photo


Easy Pranayams are Highly Beneficial to Lungs & Hearts!

Easy Pranayams are Highly Beneficial to Lungs & Hearts!

Easy Pranayams are Highly Beneficial to Lungs & Hearts ! Why is it beneficial to heart ? Because heart is very close to Lungs ! But pranayams benefit all the body by supplying oxygen instantly.

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova on

Full body happy relaxed mother sitting with eyes closed in lotus pose with cute boy on laps while practicing yoga in tropical green park

Woman in White Tank Top Covering Her Face With Her Hands


Stay Healthy by Yoga, Pranayams and …..

Stay Healthy by Yoga, Pranayams and …..

There are so many ways to stay healthy at this tough time. Those prescribed by the doctors and specialists are the the best, of course ! But those are not available to each of us all the time for different reasons.

For this we have to ‘manage’ with whatever is available in our homes ! Yes, I am not saying that you defy your doctors and experts. But as stand-by means you can look to these which can help you stay fine with can be considered as poor, ordinary and rural man’s ways !

Photo by Yan on

Yoga and pranayams are effective in keeping our lungs and heart healthy. Easy pranayams like Nadi Suddhi, Kapalbhati, Bhramari Pranayams, Bhraman pranayams (Pramayam while RelaxedWalking) are highly effective in changing your mood that you will feel instantly.



Cow Pose(Bitilasana/Marjariasana)

Cow Pose(Bitilasana/Marjariasana)

Cow Pose (Bitilasana/Marjariasana):

Cow or cat pose is named after the words cow(batila) and cat(marjara) of Sanskrit origin. This is a very easy and beneficial yoga pose that benefits the neck, spine, lumber.

Athletic Asian woman in sportwear practice yoga Cat Cow pose to meditation at home in living room in the morning Feeling so comfortable and relax,Healthcare Concept

Image of Cow Pose

The spine gets a ‘normal’ position and relieves itself from stress and strain. Very beneficial to all types of practitioners, of all age groups, particularly those who have to follow a sedentary lifestyle.

Cow Yoga Pose High Res Stock Images | Shutterstock

Image of Cow Pose

1,114 Cat Pose Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

Image of Cat Pose

It can be practiced very easily.

Benefits of Pawanmuktasana

Benefits of Pawanmuktasana

Pawanmuktasana is very easy and beneficial. It can be practiced by people of all ages and categories.

  • It can be used as a warm-up exercise.
  • Increases blood circulation throughout the body.

Pawanmuktasana Images, Illustrations & Vectors (Free) - Bigstock

  • It benefits the stomach and abdominal muscles.
  • Reduces belly fat.
  • It tones up the arms, legs, and buttocks.
  • It reduces fat in the thighs and buttocks.
  • Helps in weight loss.
  • Yoga Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock
  • It promotes digestion, reduces constipation.
  • It strengthens the stomach, liver and spleen.
  • It addresses Sterility and Impotence.
  • Beneficial to the neck, back, and spine.

For Women:

The pelvic muscles are strengthened and the reproductive organs are benefitted.

Reduces menstrual disorders.


Those facing problems in the Lumbar area should be extra careful by being slower or avoiding Full Pawanmuktasana. They should practice Half Pawanmuktasana.

As a warm-up exercise, this pose is a good one. Before practicing some ‘tough’ exercises like Bow Pose, this can ‘ready’ the system by this.




Pabanmuktasana is a very easy and beneficial pose. It benefits people of all categories and ages and is exceptionally beneficial. It can be practiced by extremely fatty people as well.

605 Green Sports Bra Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

Half Pabanmuktasana Pose

How to Practice : Lie flat on your back and pull one leg ( Full Pabanmuktasana ) slowly and gradually until your knee reaches and gets stuck with belly and chest. The other leg lying on the ground must remain straight and won’t bend in the knee area.

Initially you will find it difficult to keep your knee aligned straight and it may bend in the knee. But you will be able to get more perfection with more practice.

Top View Of Gas Release Yoga Posture Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock

Full Pabanmuktasana

Fight Stress and Tension with Yoga !

Fight Stress and Tension with Yoga !

Fight Stress and Tension with Yoga ! Stress n Tension are the deadliest killers of modern times. But Yoga is there to Fight them off ! Practice Yoga to keep all of them at bay, for ever.

Photo by Anna Shvets on

Just a few yoga asanas and drive those devils away for good ! So start practicing Yoga right now !

Don’t Get Panicky , but be careful !

Don’t Get Panicky , but be careful !

Don’t Get Panicky , but be careful ! That is the crux of the situation about COVID-19 !

Benefits Analysis of Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Benefits Analysis of Camel Pose (Ustrasana):

Benefits of Camel Pose (Ustrasana) is immense! After Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) it may be the easiest backbend to practice. It can be practiced by the young and the old alike with equal ease.

It is complete spine exercise which benefits one from neck to lumber. It opens the chest and invigorates the lungs, the heart and the abdomen as well !

It tends to relieve tension, enhances blood circulation throughout the body. It does also refreshes the brain. In a word this one is a complete exercise.


Image result for camel pose shutterstock images

In modern sedentary lifestyle this one yoga is a must for all. Because we have to spend a lot of time leaning forward before the Computer, TV Sets, glued to the chair for long time! This requires us to practice this yoga to compensate all these ‘bad postures’ throughout the day !

Yoga is Just Magical !

Yoga is Magical !

Yes ! Yoga is just magical ! It has surprising health benefits ! Not only your physique, it takes care of your mind and spirit ! Just a few yoga practices a day will keep all your physical evils away !

Photo by Retha Ferguson on

It weaves just miracles ! Just a few practices a day, even after days, can keep you in track of wellness and happiness ! You can fight all the ailments with yoga.

Yeah ! to say the least. That’s what yoga is all about ! It helps you remain free of all the earthy health problems!

It controls all your nagging troubles like Blood Pressure, Diabetes ( blood sugar ), heart, lungs, kidney problems and all .

You can keep off Neck, Spine, and Lumber problems very easily. Not only that. They just cannot touch you !

Caution :

Be cautious at the same time so that you do not become over-ambitious and jump to your practice without proper warm-up session. This can lead to sudden injury and land you in great trouble !

Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Camel Pose (Ustrasana) is a very important yoga pose which is highly beneficial as well as very easy and comfortable to practice by all.

The name Usrasana (Ustra + asana) comes from the Sanskrit word ‘ustra’ meaning camel and ‘asana’ meaning pose. While in the Camel Pose the body looks like a camel hump. That’s why it is called camel pose.

IMAGE 1: Photo by Elly Fairytale on

IMAGE 2: Photo by Gustavo Fring on

How to Practice Camel Pose:

Sit on your knees, on a soft surface so that the knees do not ache. Hold your heels with the palms directing them inwards. You can rest your feet on the fingers(of the feet) or flatten them(feet). Please decide as per your comfortability for positioning your feet as per Images 1 or Image 2.  Now straighten your waist and gradually bend forward spreading your body weight on the shoulders and pair of hands. Stretch while you bend your body forward after one or several inhalations or while you inhale.

Keep your knees apart in line with your shoulders. Stay for a few breaths and then come back to the previous normal situation while you inhale and exhale.

This can be followed 3-4 times with a Corpse pose after each time of this pose.

Camel Pose comes just after Bow Pose in order of importance.


Pros and Cons of Locust Pose (Shalvasana)

Pros and Cons of Locust Pose (Shalvasana)

Locust Poses(Shalvasana), both Full-Fledged and Half, have immense benefits. For example:

  • It helps the Diaphragm function well, thus helping the Heart and Digestive system work better.
  • It makes the muscles of the abdomen and thighs stronger.
  • Helps recover sciatica and rheumatism of the waist and lower lumbar areas
  • Helps increase the digestion, bloating, and constipation
  • Helps relieve pains during menstruation
  • Helps the adrenalin gland function well.

Photo by Elly Fairytale on

Can be Termed as Easy Locust Pose (Above)…

Young woman doing yoga exercises in the garden at home in full locust pose.

Half-Locust Pose (Above)…

woman practicing yoga posing for a yoga pose - locust pose stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Full Locust Pose (Above)…

Photo by Elly Fairytale on

Can be termed as an Easy Locust Pose(Above)….

It is very strange that this pose helps the heart function well, but at the same time, those having heart problems have been advised not to practice this.

It is very natural that this pose will put pressure on one’s lungs and heart. So don’t practice this without checking your Heart and Lungs.

I practice Bow Pose instead of Locust Pose.

Locust Pose (Shalvasana)

Locust Pose(Shalvasana):

‘Shalav’ means Grasshopper/Locust. The body takes the form of ‘insect’ in this pose. That’s why this pose is named as Shalvasana ( Shalav+ Asana ) or Locust Pose.


Lie on your front (upside down) on a soft plain uniform yoga mat or surface. Keep your shoulders, chest and abdomen aligned to the ground. Your hands should also be kept aligned alongside your waistline, forehead should be stuck-up with the ground in line with your shoulders, chest, abdomen and waist.

Now raise your leg from the ankles up to the thighs without bending your knees ( in full locust pose). In half locust pose you have to raise one leg only while keeping the other leg stuck aligned in line with the ground.

Inhale while you raise your leg(s), hold breath when needed and breath normally in raised leg(s) position. Stay for 5 – 10 seconds and bring down your leg(s) to the ground while you exhale as needed.

Practice up to 3 – 4 times. After each practice take rest as in Corpse poses (upward or downward as you feel comfortable).

Photo by Anthony Shkraba on

Can be termed as Easy Locust Pose (Above)….

Photo by Li Sun on

Can be termed as one Easy Locust Pose (Above)….

Young woman doing yoga exercises in the garden at home in full locust pose.

Half Locust Pose (Above)

Those having heart problems should stay away from practicing Locust Pose. I personally do not practice this. Instead, I practice Bow Pose followed by Circle Pose.

woman practicing yoga posing for a yoga pose - locust pose stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Full-Fledged Locust Pose ( Courtesy: Getty Images )

Precautions : 

This pose exerts pressure on the lungs and the heart. So those having weakness or problems with lugs and heart should avoid this yoga pose.

Practice the easy and soft poses before you go for the perfect and ‘difficult’ ones.

You can practice Half-Locust poses as well initially.

Benefits :
  • It helps the Diaphragm function well, thus helps the Heart and Digestive system work better.
  • It makes the muscles of the abdomen and thighs stronger.
  • Helps recover sciatica and rheumatism of the waist and lower lumbar areas
  • Helps increase digestion, bloating, and constipation
  • Helps relieve pains during menstruation
  • Helps adrenalin gland function well.

I don’t practice Locust Pose after Cobra Pose. Instead I practice Bow Pose after Cobra Pose and if possible I also practice Wheel Pose after Cobra Pose. After medical check up if anyone find that they have lungs and heart problems they can avoid Locust Pose and do like me as said above.

Benefits of Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Benefits of Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana):

Benefits of Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) is immense ! This is the most beneficial yoga pose in the modern day situation and condition. We can overcome all our problems of neck, shoulder, back and waist regions very easily with this easiest of all yoga poses ! Not only that, it also helps open the chest and benefit the lungs and heart hugely. All other abdominal organs are also rejuvenated in  a great way. It invigorates the spinal chord system, by waking up the kulakundalini shakti, it is said.

So it takes care of the entire spinal chord spanning from neck to lumbar. Most important aspect of this yoga pose is that it can be very easily practiced by one and all alike.

We have to spend most of our times sitting before the TV, Computer, Smart Phone screens all requiring forward bending. So we require to follow this backbend exercise to keep our spine’s health on track !

Photo by Elly Fairytale on

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

Complementary Exercises : Locust Pose (Shalvasana) is to be practiced after this Cobra Pose. But Locust Pose exerts pressure on the heart. So those having heart problems should keep away from practicing Locust pose. Locust pose has other benefits though. You have your choice.

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana):

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) is a vital exercise. It is a very easy one as well. That is the beauty of this exercise! Anybody can practice this very easily. Perhaps this is the Easiest form of backbend possible in the yoga lexicon! It can be done in a combination with Locust Pose (Shalbhasana). But the Locust pose creates pressures on the heart and lungs. So you must be very careful about practicing Locust Pose(Shalvasana). I personally practice Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) after Cobra Pose(Bhujangasana).

Photo by Elly Fairytale on

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

Please follow a short warm-up round before it before you go for a full-fledged practice of this !

How to Practice :

Lie down o your chest and abdomen. Inhale and raise your head, chest and shoulder gradually keeping your palms on the ground, arms bent and keeping attached to your body with your folded elbows and and stay for 10-15 seconds keeping up normal breathings. Keep your vision high towards the ceiling. Keep your lower ribs and waist anchored to the ground.

Then lower yourself to the previous position gradually while you exhale. After you become habituated you can raise your palms off the ground.

Take rest on your downward or upward corpse pose.

Cautions :

Keep your legs straightened, don’t bend them in the knee regions. Keep the legs apart in linear alignment with your shoulders.

Don’t rush for full cobra pose as a beginner. Raise your upper parts so far you feel comfortable in the beginning keeping some or much of your weight on the palms. After you become experienced you can do it to a fuller extent.

This is one of the easiest backends!

Benefits of Wheel Pose (Chakrasan)!

Benefits of Wheel Pose(Chakrasana) :

The benefits of Wheel Pose(Chakrasana) are numerous! This is one very important Backbend exercise that is practiced after Bow Pose (Dhanurasana). Like Bow Pose this benefits the entire spine, from neck to lumbar, and keeps it in shape and healthy. This can heal all of your problems in a very short while. It is just miraculous! Nowadays this is most relevant. All problems related to the entire spine will be in good shape or be cured. You will enjoy it very much as well. You will just be motivated to follow this once you begin!

Experienced yogi doing wheel yoga pose in gym. Man practicing yoga. Yogi concept. Side view.

Young Man in Wheel Pose in a Yoga Studio

In today’s world Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) along with Bow pose (Dhanurasana) and this Wheel Pose(Chakrasana) is a total package that will surely benefit you wondrously and free you of all problems! This Trio Combination of yoga exercises will help you challenge the related neck, spine, and lumbar problems and will see you through in today’s fast lifestyle world!

All-day we spend our time, doing our work and jobs bending forward which gives rise to so many deadly diseases like spondylosis, rheumatism, neck and lumbar pain, diabetes, blood pressure, aging, etc. This wheel pose along with the cobra and bow pose is just amazing to fight off all those problems as said above.

  • It helps make the spine strong and supple and increases youthfulness
  • It is a full-body exercise
  • Increases Swiftness
  • Never forget this one is beneficial for every organ of our body, especially the heart, lungs, kidneys, and prostate glands, to mention a few.

Caution :

A few words of caution for the higher age category is to practice it after a heart and blood pressure check-up. Higher age does never mean “old or superannuated”. Mental age and agility are individual factors I think. Still, we must respect age and experience. Before practicing this exercise I request you all to gear up your body with a warm-up session. It will also be most wise to practice it in the Latter Part of your Exercise Session.

At the same time, I would suggest you go for Easier/ Intermediate Forms of this exercise whenever you think and feel so!

Do this after Bow Pose!

Wheel Pose (Chakrasana)

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Wheel Pose (Chakrasana)ose(Chakrasana)

Wheel Pose(Chakrasana) is a very important yoga pose again just after the Bow pose. It is complementary to Bow Pose (Dhanurasana). After you have completed Bow pose you are required to practice this Wheel Pose(Chakrasana). ‘Chakra’ means Wheel and ‘Asana’ means Pose.

It is also called Upward Bow Pose ( Urdhva Dhanurasana )

How to Practice Wheel Pose (Chakrasana):

  • Do warm-up exercises for 20-30 minutes if you are going to practice it first. You can also think of this one as additional practice.
  • Lie down on your back on a flat surface using yoga mat.
  • But it is best to start practicing this pose on a soft bed. Gradually you can do this. On soft bed you have less risk to get injured. A thicker and softer bed is an extra insurance for not getting bruised or injured. Generally young ones learn this informally, playfully getting physical /verbal help from their mates. But one caution is not to learn practicing it on the sidelines of a high cot (sleeping platform) to avoid falling down to the ground.
  • If you are lean and thin, you may not have the need to rest on your head before lifting the head altogether with your elbows.
  • You have to adjust your distance between the two hands so that you comfortably balance your body weight on them. If this distance is too short or too long you may find difficulty in carrying and balancing the body eight. The same is true in the case of the legs also.
  • Allow you breathing to flow as per normal requirement.
  • Practice 3-4 times in short spells, follow Corpse Pose after each and every practice in this sequence ( Wheel Pose > Corpse Pose > Wheel Pose > Corpse Pose > Wheel Pose > Corpse Pose > Wheel Pose > Corpse Pose).

Photo by Elly Fairytale on

Yoga with wheel. Woman Yoga. Woman practice meditation at the coast. Relex in nature.

Generally, Bow Pose is practiced before Wheel Pose. Because Wheel Pose is a tougher one than the Bow Pose.

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Benefits of Bow Pose (Dhanurasan)!

Benefits of Bow Pose (Dhanurasan) :

Benefits of Bow Pose (Dhanurasan) are numerous! We are living in a post-modern world where life and livelihood are very fast. But we have to stay stuck for hours together seated in front of the computer, mobile, and TV set, in a bend-forward position. This exerts extra pressure to the entire spine, from neck to lumbar. This Bow Pose can relieve you from all this extra pressure on your spine and brain, keep them lively, and free from lifestyle diseases like spondylosis, spondylitis, Blood Pressure, and Diabetes.

You need not worry about the said problems if you are a follower of this yoga practice. Just practice this and be free of these problems!

After a day of hectic work, this exercise feels just amazing. Even we can practice before we start our day. At the same time, it will address the deadliest of modern diseases like spondylosis, blood pressure, and sugar(diabetes). This exercise will keep us physically fit and mentally alert with its bend-backward position which will compensate for the whole day’s workload in a bend-forward position. This is the beauty of this exercise.

So, practice this and remain free and happy from those anxieties forever!

Its Complementary exercises:

Its Complementary exercises are Circle/Wheel Pose ( Chakrasana ). Three poses are generally practiced in the sequence as Cobra pose ( Bhujangasana ) > Bow Pose ( Dhanurasana ) > Circle/Wheel Pose ( Chakrasana ). Before that, we should have some warm-up exercises according to our own situations and conditions.

Don’t despair. Take heart that these backward bending exercises will put you back on track. And make you free from the stresses of life! Yoga poses like bow pose, wheel, cobra, and camel pose will take care of your spine, from neck to lumber, and keep you healthy and joyful. Encourage your loved ones to follow.

Yoga will take care of your neuropsychological well-being as well in a great way!


Fitness: Can exercise boost your immunity?

There’s no data suggesting exercise can boost immunity against the coronavirus. But physical activity has been proven to offer some protection against other upper respiratory illnesses.

Fitness: Can exercise boost your immunity?
Sure ! Any Exercise can. It is not that I tell you to practice yoga exclusively. Any exercise like stretching, walking, jogging, and any sport can take care of your immunity in a great way. 
Side view of young woman doing gymnastics the half bridge pose in fitness studio or home practices yoga warming up exercises for spine, backbend, strengthening back and shoulders muscles.
Mind it to keep some up to your everyday schedule so that your body do not get bogged down owing to lack of it. You can just resort to daily domestic chores of your house which can offer you the bends and stretches out of your variety of exercises! 
It is said that “Work is Worship” ! Absolutely it is ! You know the working class people do not need their daily doses of exercises due this just! It is because they do or are compelled to do their ‘works’ to feed themselves on a day-to-day basis! And in that way they get their daily “exercises” and do not need them separately. They don’t have to go to the Gyms , they don’t have to go for jogging, walking, running etc. to keep fit like we have to ! So “Work is Worship” ! 
Apart from that “work” helps us keep “engaged” and “involved” mentally as well. So keep yourselves “busy” to keep Fit n Fine physically and mentally! 
Even if you are not doing this as said above, you can keep yourself fit by taking small walks indoors, off and on, whatever you space area is ! Take small breaks from computer, TV and Mobile screens, take a few stretches. But don’t jump to any rigorous session without prior warm-up exercises. You can have some hints of indoor variant exercises from here.
Always find out a Suitable Comfortable package for yourself. It does vary from person to person according to their own situations and conditions! Keep it in mind invariably.

Benefits of Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

Benefits of Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) :

Benefits of Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) is so magical ! This is especially so in the context of the present-day-world. Our world is so Fast and Workaholic now! We have to stay seated and stuck to our study tables, computers, TV Sets for long hours. All these require us to look forward, bend forward for hours together. This makes our spines(from Neck to Lumbar) vulnerable and prone to lifestyle diseases. People leading a sedentary lifestyle can be an easy victim to diseases such as spondylosis, diabetes, etc. This yoga pose is just a blessings from God to them ! So the benefits of Bow pose (dhanurasana) can be just amazing to you !

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pexels-photo-3822366.jpeg

Image : Bow Pose ( Dhanurasana )

  • This is a great stress-buster i.e., relieves stress and tension.
  • It lightens the body making it more reflexive
  • Improves digestion, removes constipation
  • Beneficial to the Liver and all the organs.
  • Decreases fat in the belly and waist, thus having a better overall effect.
  • Helps correct pigeon-shaped chest structures.
  • One of the most important poses for modern times.

The benefits of Bow Pose, therefore, is just astonishing !


Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

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Bow Pose (Dhanurasana):

In this pose, the body takes the shape of an Archer’s bow, the torso and legs representing the body of the bow, and the arms as the string. That is why it is called Bow pose. Literally, dhanus means bow and asana means pose. It is a backward bending yoga exercise and we call it Challenge Pose as well.

How to Practice Bow Pose (Dhanurasana):

  • Make sure that you have your proper warm-up session before going for Bow Pose and your stomach is not
  • Lie down on your belly on a mat or on a soft thin layer. The floor /surface should be even enough so that the weight of your body is well-distributed on it
  • The surface should not be either too hard or too soft
  • Open up your palms to catch hold of the ankles from outside
  • Pull the legs towards your back, bending the knees, closer to your headsThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pexels-photo-3822366.jpeg
  • Stay for around one minute depending on your level of capacity and comfortability
  • Loosen up slowly and gradually
  • Take rest through corpse pose for same period of time
  • Practice up to four rounds each time with corpse pose


Benefits of Intermediate Plow Poses (Halasana)              

Benefits of Intermediate Plow Poses (Halasana)

The benefits of intermediate plow poses (Halasana) are immense. You might be unable to practice a full-fledged Plow Pose (Halasana) for some reasons like strain and pain along your spine (from neck to lumbar). You can practice the intermediate or easy Plow Poses to get the benefits of it ! For various reasons, you may like to follow these intermediate poses. In that case, you practice the easier pose which will not be strenuous to you. Go for the intermediate poses then.

Some factors may restrict you to follow a full-fledged plow pose like age, neck pain, back pain etc. In such situations intermediate, easier poses are the way out for us. In case, you feel problems, avoid plow pose totally.

Nowadays, we spend most of our time sitting before the computers, TV, mobile in a bend-forward position. So doing bend-forward exercises can put pressure on neck, lumbar, spine. This can be uncomfortable and unbeneficial for the practitioners. So, avoid this pose then.

Health Benefits of Yoga (With images) | Plow pose yoga, Easy yoga poses, Yoga poses

The image I: Easy Plow Pose

Two Young Women Doing Yoga Asana Easy Plow Pose. Purva Halasana Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 60891631.

Image II: Easy Plow Pose.

How to Practice Plow Pose-the Original Roll Over - Custom Pilates and Yoga

Image III: Easy Plow Pose

Plow Pose:

  • Calms down the brain.
  • Invigorates the abdominal organs and the thyroid gland.
  • Stretches the shoulders and spine.
  • Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause.
  • Reduces stress and fatigue.
  • Therapeutic for backache, headache, infertility, insomnia, sinusitis

This should be supplemented with Backbend like Bow Pose.

Pros and Cons of Plow Pose (Halasana)

Pros and Cons of Plow Pose (Halasana) :

We have to analyse the Pros and Cons, i.e., the Problems and Benefits of Plow Pose (Halasana) to understand to what extent we can go. That is to say, we have to assess ourselves what forms (softer or full-fledged) of Plow Poses we can and should practice to get the results we look for ! One’s age, body weight have much to do with this. If you are having any problems or pain along the spine, you better refrain and consult Doctors.


Contraindications and Cautions :
  1. Diarrhea.
  2. Menstruation.
  3. Neck injury or any problem along the spine.
  4. Asthma & high blood pressurePractice Halasana with the legs supported on props.
  5. Pregnancy: If you are experienced with this pose, you can continue to practice it late into pregnancy. But I would suggest you to consult Doctors or refrain from.
Benefits of Plow Pose(Halasana) :

It benefits the Thyroid gland, digestive system, diabetics etc.


Softer Forms of Plow Pose (Halasan)

Softer Forms of Plow Pose (Halasan) :

Sofer forms of Plow Pose (Halasan) are easier and more comfortable than Full-Fledged Plow Pose and less riskier as well ! In the post-modern 21st century our lifestyle has become all the more sedentary. We spend most of our times sitting and bending forward in front of computers, Television and operating electronic gadgets. Our spine is always bent on a forward position . We are at a greater risk face diseases like spondylosis , neck and back pain. I would, therefore,  suggest you to practice softer form of plow pose(Halasana).

In these circumstances, we will be inviting such problems like spondylosis more often than not,if we practice full-fledged Plow Pose.  So, we should not practice such yoga like Full-Fledged Plow pose which can make us more vulnerable. We should, therefore, practice the Softer forms of Plow Pose which will be easier, more comfortable and enjoyable and less risk-prone !


Fig. 1: Softer and Easier Forms of Plow Poses.


Fig.2: Legs-up-the-Wall Pose. Legs-up-the-Wall Pose is a better way to practice Plow Pose comfortably !

Halasana - Plow Pose for Type 2 diabetes

Fig. 3 :  One Softer Form of Plow Pose. (Courtesy:NourishDoc)


Fig. 4 : Another Softer Form of Plow Pose. (Courtesy:Yoga Vidya Gurukul)

You can stop in the softer forms positions as shown in Fig. 3 & 4 in case you have any problems. I don’t want you to face any problem in course of practicing this forward-bending pose ! We generally follow Forward-bending positions throughout the day in doing daily chores of activities. This is all the more relevant when we are doing our jobs sitting for a long time before the computers, office works, studious jobs etc. in a faster life as of nowadays. So you can restrict, withdraw yourself if you come under this category.

Plow Pose (Halasana)

Plow Pose (Halasana) :

For practicing this Plow Pose (Halasana) I would advise the Beginners to practice Legs-Up-The-Wall first for a few days. When they get habituated with this they can very gradually proceed towards this plow pose partially before they can do it fully provided they have the age and experience. In today’s lifestyle, where sitting much time bending forward in front of the computers, bending forwards ( students, teachers, office-goers, intellectuals etc.) is quite natural. This should, therefore, be practiced very cautiously, in softer versions especially by these people!

Alert for Plow Pose:
  • Should not Practice if you have problem and pain over your Neck Back and Lumbar areas.
  • Should not have High Blood Pressure
  • Don’t allow boys and girls to practice Plow pose before they are Twelve years old.
  • Go for Softer Version as you proceed towards higher age.
  • Should not be Overweight
  • Should have proper Warm-Up Session prior to this Plow Pose.
  • This should not be practiced by those having weak legs, hamstring muscles or calf muscles.
  • Pregnant women, women during menstruation should avoid Plow pose.
  • People with enlarged thyroid, spleen and liver should avoid this yoga pose as a lot of pressure is put at the lower abdomen during this pose (See Contraindications).

How To Teach Plough Pose (Halasana) | Image : Forms of Plow Pose (Halasana)

This should be followed after shoulder stand. This Plow Pose should never be practiced singly. This is because of the fact that the body has to get properly conditioned before practicing this tough Plow Pose. Some backward bending exercises like Bow Pose can also be practiced after Halasan.      


Modified Forms of Plow Pose (Halasana) :

Fish Pose ( Matsyasana ) Benefits!

Fish Pose ( Matsyasana ) Benefits :

Fish Pose (Matsyasana) benefits discussion is to derive a complete idea, how it works to benefit us. This is also to find out the myths and realities related to it!

Fish Pose Benefits as Related to Glands :

Fish Pose ( Matsyasana ) benefits the parathyroid and pineal glands. The position of the Fish pose can clearly indicate that. It can also benefit the pituitary gland as the head is in a downward position. More blood will flow therein refreshing it. Apart from this, it can have a role in keeping the Thymus gland active for a longer time. This is true especially in the cases of adolescents and youths. The role of this thymus gland is very important in maintaining youth stage and immunity level in humans. This gland is very active for children. s we progress from childhood to youth stage it remains active. After that, it begins to be inactive. That is why the aged are more affected with COVID-19. This Fish Pose may have a role in keeping this gland alive for some more time. So they are not as such affected with Covid-19. They can act just as carriers.

Overall Fish Pose Benefits on the Total Spine :

Other than this Fish Pose has an overall beneficial effect over the whole body, particularly the spine. It gets a thorough rejuvenation in this reverse position. Matsyasana, The Fish Pose: An Incredible Yoga Posture for Your Back Issues - NDTV Food

Fish Pose is all the More Beneficial in Today’s Lifestyle :

In today’s sedentary lifestyle, we’re always sitting before the computer, reading and writing, watching TV etc. In this way, we are always bending our spine in a forward position. That is why we are inviting a lot of problems to our spinal cord. In this scenario, Fish pose helps to relax and rejuvenate the spine from neck to lumbar region. There is a complete beneficial effect on other parts of the body like the skull and brain, the eyeballs, the vocal cord etc. P.S.: You can keep folded cloth under your head if you feel any problem with your head.

It is easier than Bow Pose, particularly its easier forms are easier than Bow pose!

Fish Pose ( Matsyasana ) Benefits Discussion

Fish Pose ( Matsyasana ) Benefits Discussion

Easy Fish Pose is one very useful and comfortable Fish pose we can practice !

Personal Experience

I have personal experience when I received Back pain, rather Back Injury, in the lumbar region. Then I was pursuing M.Sc. degree, staying in the Hostel. I was rather kind of ‘Rash’ at that time, for being younger perhaps. Without having any Warm-Up session I started doing fifty push-ups at a time in the first round . I had the experience and expertise, but I did not practice push-ups(known popularly as ‘don’ in West Bengal, India for a long time, say one year or a bit more. I was sort of depressed as well due to not getting good job then.

Fish Pose (Matsyasana) - Yoga Journal

Easy Fish Pose

One fine morning I just felt like going for push-ups to make my muscles more prominent rather instantly. Then it was winter season. I mde fifty push-ups at a time in the first round without any prior warm-up. I went for second or third round, but the first round might be responsible. It happened at noon, before lunch. That day I did not find any problem.

On the next day I just went to the adjoining garden where I found a long-handled spade lying around. The soil of the garden was moist and compact. I picked up the spade and struck the ground to lift up a big chunk of land. While giving pressure through my lower back portion to strike through and break and lift up a bigger chunk of land I felt pain in the lumbar portion . I did not want to believe it, so I repeated, but felt greater pain trying to repeat. It got more acute while bending down to be sure. I visited a known physician nearby who advised fifteen days bed rest initially and extended for another fifteen days duration.

I must mention here as well that I followed the classical pull-up which may be one vital factor of injury.

This Fish Pose is particularly very beneficial for those suffering from asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems. For the neck, back and lumbar regions it is a superb yoga pose. It increases lungs capacity and induces deep breathing. It does also increase blood supply to the head, nourishing the pituitary and pineal glands.

Fish pose has a great role in enhancing the retention capacity (Kumbhak) of the lungs. It helps expand the rib-cage creating more space for the expansion of the lungs. In this way Fish pose helps correcting pigeon chest.

Fish Pose Myths and Realities :

Many great ascetics used this Fish pose to dip and float in water( Trailanga Swami). Is it for the fact that this Fish pose helps retaining oxygen in the lungs for a longer time? Modern medical can/cannot prove this for sure, but you my be sure that Fish Pose helps your lungs.

** This is upto you totally whether you would believe or not on the miraculous feats of Indian yogis, especially of the olden yogis!

Fish Pose ( Matsyasana ) Benefits Discussion

Fish Pose ( Matsyasana ) Benefits Discussion::

Fish Pose ( Matsyasana ) benefits are being discussed elaborately so as to focus on some genuine points and issues!

This is practiced after Shoulder Stand. But you can practice it just as singly and independently without practicing the shoulder stand pose before it. But if you practice shoulder stand you definitely need to practice Fish Pose after shoulder stand. otherwise, you have just got to suffer! It cures the body of all diseases.

Matsyasana (fish pose) | | Yoga Vimoksha Goa

But you should stay away from practicing Full-fledged shoulder stand if you suffer from neck pain, back pain, lumbar pain etc. In such cases you should go for reverse pose yoga practices like Fish pose, Bow pose, Circle pose, Back bend, Camel pose, etc. In short you should avoid forward bending poses/exercises. Instead, you should practice backward bending poses and that also very lightly and within your comfort one to stay fit and healthy.

Personal Experience ::

I have personal experience when I received Back pain, rather Back Injury, in the lumbar region. Then I was pursuing an M.Sc. degree, staying in the Hostel. I was rather kind of ‘Rash’ at that time, for being younger perhaps. Without having any Warm-Up session I started doing fifty push-ups at a time in the first round. I had the experience and expertise, but I did not practice push-ups for a long time, say one year or a bit more. I was sort of depressed as well due to not getting a good job then.

One fine morning I just felt like going for push-ups to make my muscles more prominent rather instantly. Then it was winter season. I might have also gone for second or third round, but the first round might be responsible. It happened at noon, before lunch. That day I did not find any problem. On the next day I just went to the adjoining garden where I found a long-handled spade lying around. The soil of the garden was moist and compact. I picked up the spade and struck the ground to lift up a big chunk of land. While giving pressure through my lower back portion to strike through and break and lift up a bigger chunk of land I felt pain in the lumbar portion . I did not want to believe it, so I repeated, but I felt greater pain as I tried to repeat. I felt clear pain which got more cute as I was bending down to be sure. I visited a known physician who advised fifteen days bed rest initially which was extended for another fifteen days duration.

It is also to be mentioned here that I followed the classical push-up which may be one vital factor of injury.

Benefits of Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

Benefits of Fish Pose (Matsyasana) :

Benefits of Fish Pose (Matsyasana) are just countless! These, in brief, are as follows:

  1. Relieves the Spine thoroughly from lumber to neck region
  2. Brings the spine in reverse position from lumber to neck just opposite to the position while we work seated in a chair
  3. Expands the chest and the associated muscles enhancing the capacity of the lungs and the heart fighting off related diseases like asthma and other respiratory diseases.
  4. Relieves the throat, shoulder, and abdominal organs
  5. Stimulates the parathyroid gland
  6. Sharpens the brain
  7. Improves posture
  8. Relieves stress How To Do Fish Pose | Vikasa

One Form of Fish Pose


  • Don’t Cross your Comfort Level
  • Keep watch over your Breathing
  • Do relax with Corpse pose after each practice of Fish Pose


Fish Pose ( Thirty Seconds) > Corpse Pose ( Thirty Seconds)> Fish Pose ( Thirty Seconds)> Corpse Pose ( Thirty Seconds)> Fish Pose( Thirty Seconds) > Corpse Pose( Thirty Seconds) > Fish Pose ( Thirty Seconds)> Corpse Pose( Thirty Seconds) . Should be practiced this way in the primary stage. You can practice four times to the maximum in this way. As a beginner you can practice lesser times.

How to Practice Fish Pose

How to Practice Fish Pose ::

It is necessary to know how to practice Fish Pose. Lets see how one milder form of Fish Pose is being practiced. After you get some experience you can go for a full-fledged Fish Pose. Many pictures of milder forms of Fish Pose have been presented in the earlier posts.

Photo by Elly Fairytale on

Photo by Elly Fairytale on

Please don’t take any extra Strains in Practicing. Just Relax and Enjoy Practicing! Take more time. That will lead to more effective learning in a safe and secured process.

Various Forms of Fish Pose (Matsyasana) :

Various Forms of Fish Pose (Matsyasana) :

There are various forms or types of Fish Pose (Matsyasana), ( matsya meaning fish, asana meaning pose). If you’re not capable or comfortable with the full-fledged Fish Pose now, you can practice the easier forms or types. The reason is that you should not take undue strain for a “perfect” pose in the beginning. “Practice makes perfect”. Take your time and go ahead step by step with patience ! 3 Ways to Modify Fish Pose (Matsyasana) for Joy + Contentment - Yoga Journal

Various Forms of Fish Pose (Matsyasan)

Various Forms of Fish Pose (Matsyasan) :

There are many forms or types of Fish Pose (Matsyasana), ( matsya meaning fish, asana meaning pose). If you’re not capable of being comfortable with the full-fledged Fish Pose now, you can practice the easier forms or types.

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It is very natural that everyone will not be as capable to follow full-fledged form. They should go for easier forms/types of Fish poses. Somebody may feel problems in the ankles, some in other areas. So easier forms of fish pose is there to help you with!

Fish Pose (Matsyasan)!

Fish Pose (Matsyasana) :

Beneficial Effects: This yoga pose is highly beneficial nowadays particularly for those leading sedentary lifestyles like office-goers, students, teachers, researchers, medical practitioners, and so on. In present-day situation, sedentary works require us to lean forward most of the time. This situation can lead to lifestyle diseases like spondylosis of the spinal cord. So the practice of this backward bending yoga item helps address such problems very effectively.

My Personal Experience :

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Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

Fish Pose (Matsyasana) ::

Fish pose is a very important yoga pose . It is followed generally after Shoulder stand pose, but can be practiced singly also. This is highly beneficial yoga pose for the parathyroid gland , heart, lungs, spine, neck, waist, shoulder, chest, knee and ankle. This is particularly very useful yoga pose for those following modern sedentary lifestyle. Matsyasana | Fish Pose Supported Fish Pose or Salamba Matsyasana Matsyasana - 'Destroyer of all diseases'Body and Soul: BENEFITS OF MATSYASANA / FISH POSE      


Type of Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) Suitable for You !

Types of Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) Suitable for You :

Decide on What Types of Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) Best Suit You ! You have to decide for yourself as a unique individual as to what type of Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) will be best suitable for you ! This is because of the fact that there are several types of Shoulder Stand you will come across in different places. Practice the best suited for your stage of practice as beginner or experienced, age, physical condition etc. These are namely, Unsupported Full Shoulder Stand , Supported Shoulder Stand, Half Shoulder Stand, One-legged Shoulderstand, Shoulder Stand with Blanket and Strap, Upward Lotus Pose Shoulder Stand and so on and so forth.

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Reminder about Shoulderstand ::

Please do not take much strain to practice and practice after warm-up. In this way, you can keep yourself away from probable risk . Practice Complementary poses like Fish Pose and Plough pose after shoulder stand , particularly the Fish Pose. If you have spondylosis you can avoid full-fledged shoulderstand. P.S. :: Legs up the wall pose can be a good alternative to the Full-fledged Shoulder Stand pose.

Benefits of Shoulder Stands (Sarvangasana)

Benefits of Shoulder Stands (Sarvangasana):

The benefits of Shoulder Stands (Sarvangasana) are just innumerable! The name Sarvangasana has its origin in the two terms ‘sarva‘ meaning ‘all’ or ‘entire’ and ‘asana‘ meaning ‘pose or position’ meaning it benefits the entire body. There is some scientific explanation to it when it comes to analyzing the factors accruing these benefits. Shoulder Stand just reverses the direction of blood circulation, hence relieving the pressure on the lower parts of the body. It thus relieves and rejuvenates them and allows the upper parts receive more oxygenated blood.

In the Shoulder stand the oxygenated blood comes down to flood your throat, thereby activating the Thyroid Gland in a great way!


Must be followed by the backend like Fish Pose. The practice of Fish pose just after this is a must. The practice of Bow Pose just after this is not advised instead of Fish Pose!

Contradictions of Shoulder Stand ( Sarvangasana)

Contradictions of Shoulder Stand ( Sarvangasana)

Please don’t be Rash in practicing yogasana( yoga pose). This holds good for this shoulder stand as well.You can invite problems then. You can also Consult a Doctor before practicing one particular yoga pose. For shoulder pose you should refrain from, if you have any one or more of these following problems :

 Heart problem, high blood pressure, glaucoma, slip disc, spondylosis, neck pain, lumber pain , acute thyroid problem, pregnancy, menstruation.

Why Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) is Specially Beneficial to you !

Why Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) is Specially Beneficial to you !

Shoulder Stand pose (Sarvangasana) is very beneficial to you as the reverse position help get more blood circulation due to the gravitational force going in their favour during this practice! Fish Pose is a must after this Shoulder Stand pose. While wake or working the upper portion of our body like the head, have to work against the gravity and therefore have less supply of of blood. But when in the shoulder stand pose the position is reversed getting more supply of oxygenated blood invigorating them.


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Shoulder Stand Pose(Sarvangasana)

Shoulder Stand Pose(Sarvangasana)

Benefits :: This is called Sarvangasana where Sarva means ‘ all ‘ ; and ‘Sarvanga ‘ means ‘ all body ‘ . Tht mens this asana or pose can heal ‘total’ body which again signifies that it is an all-powerful one to heal the Full body !

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Shoulder Stand Pose(Sarvangasana)

Shoulder Stand Pose(Sarvangasana) Benefits ::

There are innumerable benefits of this . The blood circulation to the upper part of the body is enhanced  invigorating the Thyroid Gland especially. This also rejuvenates prostate glands and other abdominal organs increasing digestive power, toning legs and buttocks relieving fatigue,stress, mild depression and insomnia. It actually invigorates the whole body enhancing youth stage and helps control Prostate problems.

Follow-Up/Complementary Pose :: Fish Pose (Matsyasana).

Supported Shoulderstand

Shoulder Stand: Benefits, Tips & How To Do It Safely

Fish pose should be practised as a complementary pose without fail to keep the neck area out of strain.

Shoulder Stand Pose(Sarvangasana)

Shoulder Stand Pose(Sarvangasana)
How to Practice ::

Lay flat on fairly even ground/floor, preferably on soft and thin cotton bed mat. Should not practice on a small single cot or double sized cot to avoid any situation where there can be a risk of falling down from the cot to the ground of lower elevation bringing probable injury.

  • Soft mat is to be used to avoid pressure to the shoulder, head and neck regions.
  • No separate folds of rags or cotton sheet is to be used only for the shoulder, head and neck region. This makes the elevation higher, uneasy and strain the shoulder, neck and head with undue pressure.

Sarvangasana pose. Benefits and Limitations. | oksanawadhawan

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Shoulder Stand Pose(Sarvangasana) Cautions

Shoulder Stand Pose(Sarvangasana) Cautions
Some Cautions ::

Shoulder stand pose has some alerts and cautions.The practice of full-fledged shoulder should be avoided in the following conditions:-

  • Neck injury
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • High blood pressure
  • Menstruation
  • Pregnancy: Don’t take up the practice of Sarvangasana after you become pregnant.
  • Salamba Sarvangasana is an intermediate to advanced version of Shoulder Stand Pose. This should not be practised unless proper experience is there on the part of the practitioner. They should rather practice Half Shoulder Stand for a sufficient period of time before they can qualify or opt for this one.

How to do Sarvangasana (The Shoulder Stand): Steps and Benefits - NDTV Food

Half shoulder stand is also called Biparitkarani mudra

Viparitakarani Mudra - Vilomasana

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The practitioners should go for easier and softer poses in case of problems and follow expert guidelines.

Shoulder Stand Pose (Sarvangasana)

Shoulder Stand Pose (Sarvangasana):

Shoulder Stand Pose (Sarvangasana) is one of the most important yoga poses or asanas, particularly for the young people. Full-scale shoulder stand can pose problems for the age category beyond thirty or so.

सर्वांगासन योग की जानकारी - Sarvangasana Yoga: Steps, Benefits

How To Do The Salamba Sarvangasana And What Are Its Benefits

Precautions :

For them having problems in neck and shoulder regions should avoid this one and go for Half Shoulder Stand Pose(Ardha- Sarvangasana). You can take the help of the Wall or somebody else if you have problem practicing as a beginner.

REMINDER :: Practice  Fish Pose ( Matsyasana ) and Plough Pose ( Halasana ) after Shoulder Stand definitely. Practice of Fish Pose is mandatory after Shoulder Stand Pose, in case you omit Plough Pose. Practice Shoulder Stand four times of thirty seconds each with Corpse Pose of thirty seconds after each practice of shoulder stand (of thirty seconds ).

ALERT:: It must be followed by Fish Pose.

Fish pose is a very important backend. But instead of Bow Pose, follow Fish Pose after Shoulder Stand!

Why Yoga ?

Why Yoga ?

Why Yoga? Yoga means total freedom from stresses, worries and it spells joy and hope for your worldly life and beyond!! Yoga keeps you Fit and Fine !

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Yoga can Transform You!

Yoga can Transform You !

Yes, Yoga can transform you ! A different “you” altogether! Don’t be over-stressed that you have to practice yoga all the time ! But once you are ‘tuned in’ yoga will guide you in a way you will follow it willingly!


Yoga is Real & Pragmatic as well !

Yoga is Real & Pragmatic as well !

Yes, yoga is Real & Pragmatic as well ! Yoga is a thing which can transform any individual, whatever her/his Age is! It is for the Aged, the Frustrated, the Broken, the Diseased, the Strong and the Weak, the Chronic…….the list is endless until it covers all !


With Yoga you have the Confidence!

With Yoga you have the Confidence!

Ya! Yoga naturally generates Cool Confidence in your Capability to ward off all sorts of Diseases! This doesn’t come in all of a sudden! You have to have a good mentor.

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Easy Padmasana (Sukhasana)

Easy Padmasana (Sukhasana) can be practiced when you cannot or do not practice Full-fledged Lotus pose. We generally sit in this pose on the floor in informal situations. There might be someone who cannot practice the Lotus pose due to some knee joint problems, etc. Your legs should be kept in a position so that it becomes helpful for the spine to remain in a comfortable, straight, and natural posture. This is helpful for any other yoga practice based on it and mindfulness meditation as well

One can sit for a longer duration in this pose. It is more suitable for those having knee joint problems. It is also suitable for the higher age category.

Don’t Get Panicky , but be careful ! That is the crux of the situation about COVID-19 !

That’s what it does mean! When we become Pnicky, our Immunity suffers setbacks ! So come what may, I will Fight the Virus unto the Last! Such valiant should be the attitude. But we should be ‘careful’ in the first place so that we’re not affected by it. The guidelines should be followed properly so that we do not give the Virus extra leverage to spread fast! Each and everyone of us is important because each one of us can be a host and spread the disease overtly and/or covertly. So let us Fight the Enemy together as humans only and Overcome the situation!

We shall Overcome !

Lotus Pose – a Cardinal One !

Lotus Pose – a Cardinal One!

Lotus Pose – a Cardinal One! It is very important in the sense that once you practice this cardinal asana, you are slated for a number of benefits that are very scientific and wonderful at the same time! This pose gives your spine its natural posture and pacifies your breathing process and mind. There is a myth that this asana creates electric flow in the spine. Yes, we have heard about some marine animals that can produce electric shock in their body, So it might not be an absolute absurdity (Electric fish such as the marine electric ray (genus: Torpedo) and the freshwater electric eel (Electrophorus electricus)! It does justice to your shoulders, apart from other spinal areas like the waist and neck. Mostly acclaimed as a basis for meditation, it enhances attention and concentration of the mind especially required for the students and office-goers. Can we say it is a panacea for all the ills of life? Practice justifying whether it is a Truth, Myth, or just a Cliche.

Lotus Pose(Padmasana) vis-a-vis Easy Lotus Pose(Sukhasana)

Lotus Pose (Padmasana)vis-a-vis Easy Lotus Pose(Sukhasana) :

Lotus Pose(Padmasana) vis-a-vis Easy Lotus Pose(Sukhasana): Another yoga practice just after Corpse pose is Lotus pose which can be practiced all by itself or solitarily. This one should be started practicing in childhood to youth phase of our life. If you do start this after the youth phase please do remember not to do so all on  a sudden so that your knee do not get hurt. It is better to go for Sukhasana or easy lotus pose where you don’t have to sit cross-legged so rigidly and you can follow it as an alternative to lotus pose.

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Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

Lotus Pose(Padmasana): One of the most important practices just after you master the art of corpse pose. In lotus pose you sit cross-legged which enable you to sit for a long time with balance and poise. Your spine is kept straight nd in norml “S”-shaped position like in the Corpse pose. This lso help relieve you of ll your stresses and strains. You can meditate and see your thought process getting cooler. For pranayams, hoth-yoga this Lotus pose is  fundamental one without which you cannot practice.

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Corpse/Death (Savasana) Pose

Corpse/Death (Savasana ) Pose:

Corpse/Death (Savasana) Pose: The corpse/death (savasana) pose, can also be termed as a “Complete Rest Pose” or just “rest pose” where total rest is possible. It is so simple, yet it has got to be practiced with some special techniques without which the fruits of this practice cannot be enjoyed. The real beauty of this lies in the fact that it can be practiced anytime whenever felt necessary and whenever your body and mind want to rest and leave from the conundrum of this hectic, competitive, conflicting, strenuous and fast life!

Another most important fact about savasana is that it can be practiced even singly and solitarily without any antecedent yoga practice(s). We have to employ or attach our mind here to practice detachment from the residual, resultant hang-ups of worries, anxieties, stress and strains of our daily life and in the long run, the mind itself has to learn to detach or relax and relieve itself to debunk the up-links of those crowding stress factors to refresh itself.

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For the tougher exercises, this Death Pose is all the more useful!

Corpse/Death (Shavasana) Pose

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Corpse/Death (Shavasana) Pose

Corpse/Death (Shavasana) Pose: It seems very easy to practice the Corpse/Death/Shavasana Pose, but, in fact, this is one of the most difficult ones. Because it requires some skills of relaxing your muscles, nerves throughout your body and you have to think that they actually are!

You have to relax your mind also from the extra burdens of thoughts and anxieties. Allow your mind to rest assured that your nerves are actually relaxed to the fullest. Don’t burden your mind that they are not. In doing so you might have to keep your attention to your pace of respiration or breathing as well. This is like fixing your eyes on the unruly student in the class to keep him under control. You are just a non-participant observer to your anxious thoughts as they are just passing clouds on your mind’s sky. You’re not reacting to, not taking any active/ passive efforts to hold and/or let them go(clouds). Then the clouds (of thoughts/anxieties) will just normally pass over you just to see you uninterested.

This is important especially for the bending exercises, like Bow, Wheel, etc poses. Otherwise, you may receive pains in muscles, nerves, etc.

I have dealt with it so elaborately. In case you need help, mail a few lines.

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