Corpse/Death (Savasana) Pose

Corpse/Death (Savasana ) Pose:

Corpse/Death (Savasana) Pose: The corpse/death (savasana) pose, can also be termed as a “Complete Rest Pose” or just “rest pose” where total rest is possible. It is so simple, yet it has got to be practiced with some special techniques without which the fruits of this practice cannot be enjoyed. The real beauty of this lies in the fact that it can be practiced anytime whenever felt necessary and whenever your body and mind want to rest and leave from the conundrum of this hectic, competitive, conflicting, strenuous and fast life!

Another most important fact about savasana is that it can be practiced even singly and solitarily without any antecedent yoga practice(s). We have to employ or attach our mind here to practice detachment from the residual, resultant hang-ups of worries, anxieties, stress and strains of our daily life and in the long run, the mind itself has to learn to detach or relax and relieve itself to debunk the up-links of those crowding stress factors to refresh itself.

Belly Savasana What it does: Soothes and grounds, allowing you to ...

For the tougher exercises, this Death Pose is all the more useful!

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