Corpse/Death (Shavasana) Pose

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Corpse/Death (Shavasana) Pose

Corpse/Death (Shavasana) Pose: It seems very easy to practice the Corpse/Death/Shavasana Pose, but, in fact, this is one of the most difficult ones. Because it requires some skills of relaxing your muscles, nerves throughout your body and you have to think that they actually are!

You have to relax your mind also from the extra burdens of thoughts and anxieties. Allow your mind to rest assured that your nerves are actually relaxed to the fullest. Don’t burden your mind that they are not. In doing so you might have to keep your attention to your pace of respiration or breathing as well. This is like fixing your eyes on the unruly student in the class to keep him under control. You are just a non-participant observer to your anxious thoughts as they are just passing clouds on your mind’s sky. You’re not reacting to, not taking any active/ passive efforts to hold and/or let them go(clouds). Then the clouds (of thoughts/anxieties) will just normally pass over you just to see you uninterested.

This is important especially for the bending exercises, like Bow, Wheel, etc poses. Otherwise, you may receive pains in muscles, nerves, etc.

I have dealt with it so elaborately. In case you need help, mail a few lines.

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