Fish Pose ( Matsyasana ) Benefits Discussion

Fish Pose ( Matsyasana ) Benefits Discussion::

Fish Pose ( Matsyasana ) benefits are being discussed elaborately so as to focus on some genuine points and issues!

This is practiced after Shoulder Stand. But you can practice it just as singly and independently without practicing the shoulder stand pose before it. But if you practice shoulder stand you definitely need to practice Fish Pose after shoulder stand. otherwise, you have just got to suffer! It cures the body of all diseases.

Matsyasana (fish pose) | | Yoga Vimoksha Goa

But you should stay away from practicing Full-fledged shoulder stand if you suffer from neck pain, back pain, lumbar pain etc. In such cases you should go for reverse pose yoga practices like Fish pose, Bow pose, Circle pose, Back bend, Camel pose, etc. In short you should avoid forward bending poses/exercises. Instead, you should practice backward bending poses and that also very lightly and within your comfort one to stay fit and healthy.

Personal Experience ::

I have personal experience when I received Back pain, rather Back Injury, in the lumbar region. Then I was pursuing an M.Sc. degree, staying in the Hostel. I was rather kind of ‘Rash’ at that time, for being younger perhaps. Without having any Warm-Up session I started doing fifty push-ups at a time in the first round. I had the experience and expertise, but I did not practice push-ups for a long time, say one year or a bit more. I was sort of depressed as well due to not getting a good job then.

One fine morning I just felt like going for push-ups to make my muscles more prominent rather instantly. Then it was winter season. I might have also gone for second or third round, but the first round might be responsible. It happened at noon, before lunch. That day I did not find any problem. On the next day I just went to the adjoining garden where I found a long-handled spade lying around. The soil of the garden was moist and compact. I picked up the spade and struck the ground to lift up a big chunk of land. While giving pressure through my lower back portion to strike through and break and lift up a bigger chunk of land I felt pain in the lumbar portion . I did not want to believe it, so I repeated, but I felt greater pain as I tried to repeat. I felt clear pain which got more cute as I was bending down to be sure. I visited a known physician who advised fifteen days bed rest initially which was extended for another fifteen days duration.

It is also to be mentioned here that I followed the classical push-up which may be one vital factor of injury.

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