Softer Forms of Plow Pose (Halasan)

Softer Forms of Plow Pose (Halasan) :

Sofer forms of Plow Pose (Halasan) are easier and more comfortable than Full-Fledged Plow Pose and less riskier as well ! In the post-modern 21st century our lifestyle has become all the more sedentary. We spend most of our times sitting and bending forward in front of computers, Television and operating electronic gadgets. Our spine is always bent on a forward position . We are at a greater risk face diseases like spondylosis , neck and back pain. I would, therefore,  suggest you to practice softer form of plow pose(Halasana).

In these circumstances, we will be inviting such problems like spondylosis more often than not,if we practice full-fledged Plow Pose.  So, we should not practice such yoga like Full-Fledged Plow pose which can make us more vulnerable. We should, therefore, practice the Softer forms of Plow Pose which will be easier, more comfortable and enjoyable and less risk-prone !


Fig. 1: Softer and Easier Forms of Plow Poses.


Fig.2: Legs-up-the-Wall Pose. Legs-up-the-Wall Pose is a better way to practice Plow Pose comfortably !

Halasana - Plow Pose for Type 2 diabetes

Fig. 3 :  One Softer Form of Plow Pose. (Courtesy:NourishDoc)


Fig. 4 : Another Softer Form of Plow Pose. (Courtesy:Yoga Vidya Gurukul)

You can stop in the softer forms positions as shown in Fig. 3 & 4 in case you have any problems. I don’t want you to face any problem in course of practicing this forward-bending pose ! We generally follow Forward-bending positions throughout the day in doing daily chores of activities. This is all the more relevant when we are doing our jobs sitting for a long time before the computers, office works, studious jobs etc. in a faster life as of nowadays. So you can restrict, withdraw yourself if you come under this category.

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