Shoulder Stand Pose(Sarvangasana) Cautions

Shoulder Stand Pose(Sarvangasana) Cautions Some Cautions :: Shoulder stand pose has some alerts and cautions.The practice of full-fledged shoulder should be avoided in the following conditions:- Neck injury Diarrhea Headache High blood pressure Menstruation Pregnancy: Don’t take up the practice of Sarvangasana after you become pregnant. Salamba Sarvangasana is an intermediate to advanced version ofContinue reading “Shoulder Stand Pose(Sarvangasana) Cautions”

As a Beginner, You are Alerted…

As a Beginner, You are Alerted… If you are a beginner, please start on a low key , rather than to jump to an highly ambitious program like an upstart practicing so many yoga practices one at a time or to practice the tough ones requiring days of practice and skill. You will invite problemsContinue reading “As a Beginner, You are Alerted…”