Yoga to Fight COVID-19

Yoga to Fight COVID-19 Let’s Fight Covid-19 together with some common “to-follow’s” which will make us highly capable to Fight off the Dreaded Demon! Here are the Tips which you can give a Second Thought to ! Eat Well ! Avoid fast foods, eat abundant vegetables, fruits, meat etc. Don’t smoke. Follow ‘healthy food’ principles.Continue reading “Yoga to Fight COVID-19”

Fitness: Can exercise boost your immunity?

There’s no data suggesting exercise can boost immunity against the coronavirus. But physical activity has been proven to offer some protection against other upper respiratory illnesses. Fitness: Can exercise boost your immunity? Sure ! Any Exercise can. It is not that I tell you to practice yoga exclusively. Any exercise like stretching, walking, jogging, andContinue reading “Fitness: Can exercise boost your immunity?”

Yoga can Protects you from COVID-19 !

Yoga can Protect you from COVID-19! Yes, don’t be scared, please. Yoga certainly protects you from COVID-19! Follow Yoga, even in case one isn’t holistically regular in practicing Yoga! It enhances the Immune System, protects you from COVID-19, and helps you Stay Fit and Fine! We are all too busy today with so many temptationsContinue reading “Yoga can Protects you from COVID-19 !”