Yoga for Students!

Students are the one of my focused group who have to go for study, study and study, esp. the good students, the talented ones, the industrious ones, the ambitious ones, the needy ones, the ones getting prepared for the job market and the exams of life itself! It is they who can be the most stressed people designed to fulfill the expectations of their parents, family members and friends and even neighbors, schools and his known world altogether! That’s why they don’t find time to look after their own health. They have no time for morning walks, gyms, jogging, games and sports, as they have no free times, they are in competition mode to qualify and rankings up for exams, rather to get themselves established in life by getting good jobs and a fitting reply to their own and other people’s expectations! They have this burden and no time but for studies only. They can not follow postures while studying and no time for yoga.

They forget to follow the myth that total life is an exam. So they have to maintain fitness and health , which is also a priority for them in the long run. Because exams never end , success never stops or will stop either for any one in this universe. But if your health don’t betray , you will be in the run always in life. God forbid, if so much sedentary work, lead you to any chronic problems like those reported at neck, back and waist in your body, you will be up for a great challenge, not desirable at all. So remain alert and stay tuned to yoga which will help you stay in good shape for the struggles of life which are just unavoidable for any mortals on earth! And we are all students!

PS: Bow poses or all bending backward poses are very ‘beneficial’ for the students as they generally have to lean forward for studying and  writing. Their postures while studying are also of great importance!

Published by T K Mandal

T K Mandal, an ardent follower and believer of Nature and Yoga practices. Yoga can work miracles and a Cure-All for all physical and mental diseases, yes , at any age, I assure you !

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